"I met Justin on a small hidden beach in the south of Portugal. I don't believe this was a coincidence as he entered my life when I was ready to take important steps in my healing process. I had a tantra session with him in an improvised place, which he had prepared with much care. But most impressive was the invisible space he created around us, one of absolute trust and unconditional love. I was welcomed as a Goddess. He was able to make me feel confident and comfortable with myself and be aware of everything that was showing up so I could face it without shame. I am so grateful for the space he held for me and the breakthroughs that occurred. Justin is able to listen in a very empathic way and knows to ask the right questions or gently guide in a good direction. His masculinity is guiding and clear, yet kind and strong. He has a serious foundation and background of Tantra and is very professional.

​After our meeting, I continued with his coaching so I was able to keep working on some areas when I was at home which contributed to even more breakthroughs. Justin is truly special because his authenticity is undoubtedly and he really loves what he does. He is giving with love, his intentions and heart are pure, and he is passionate about his work. To me, this is what truly matters, there is no egotistic purpose in his work. I can absolutely recommend Justin and encourage every woman to give it a try. It is an honor to work with him."

Noemi Lagos, Portugal