Welcome to the Tantra Love Coach Ethics page

Here you will find information about my ethics, classes, coaches and receiving community feedback. 

I recognize that I have made mistakes, therefore I am now working with Safe Mediation, a neutral third party, to collect feedback from the community. If you would like to provide feedback, please visit their website at

Based on the feedback already received, I have changed my tantra practice and ethics, and I am taking more classes and meeting with coaches. During this time I have paused any new 1-1 client tantra massage sessions, so I can become more aware of my blind spots.


  1. All client information shared with me; to include details about our sessions, will be kept confidential. 
  2. All client requests to pause or stop a session will be honored without question.
  3. All clients will be followed-up with after a session (within 24 hours).
  4. Before, during and after sessions, be aware of the practitioner and client power dynamics
  5. Remain open to feedback from clients before, during and after sessions.


– Receiving coaching from Dr. Stacy Ellis


– Trauma Informed Care Certification Course (Began Jan 2024)

– Trauma Informed Training for Tantra Professionals (Starting May 2024)

I appreciate you visiting my Ethics page. I will keep the community updated here.

You are here because you care, and so do I Justin from Tantra Love Coach, LLC