"I have worked with Justin for multiple sessions and the impact he has had cannot be underestimated. From the moment I met Justin, I felt that this was a man I could trust. He has an ability to meet you where you are at and to guide you into a journey of your own body, mind and soul. Justin's sensitive approach to Tantra allowed him to move energy which was not only sensual, but also embedded in a much deeper part of my psyche. Although this is delicate work, I did not once feel unsafe or self-conscious. Justin left me with greater insights and tools to address the issues I have had with my own sexuality and pains during sex. I expect that some of the more permanent effects of this work will continue to show as I use this awareness to open new paths along my way. I am thankful to Justin for all he has done and look forward to seeing his work take its place in the world."

NBD Glasgow, UK