For years, sex was not pleasurable for me and was sometimes painful. This drove my libido into the ground and affected my relationships. I tried everything from pelvic floor physiotherapy to meditation, but nothing worked. A friend of mine recommended that I see Justin. After an interview, he explained what would happen in the session, and we discussed my boundaries. The introduction to Tantra helped me see the goals and expectations I had around sex which was a crucial part of my healing.

After the session, I found my attitude towards sex shifted and I no longer felt damaged or broken, but instead, worthy and in control of how I could experience intimacy. I learned to relax my body and experienced pleasure as the pain melted away. Now, I’m able to reach orgasm with my partner, which I could only achieve on my own previously. I highly recommend every woman experience a Tantra session with Justin. I am forever grateful.

CDT Glasgow, UK