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...After my Tantra session, I felt empowered, lighter, and more in touch with myself.
Alexandra Moreno
Santa Cruz, CA
...I truly feel free and empowered. I would recommend this to ANY woman that is ready to unleash their inner goddess
Miami, FL

...I was able to allow myself to experience pleasure and safety as a result of the session...

Miami, FL
Love, Healing, Expansion, Manifestation

How you will feel after a Tantric Awakening Experience

Tantra Love Coach offers you a way to come back to your heart and body, awakening you to self love and ecstatic energy. With a foundation of ancient Tantric breathing, meditation, and exercises, as well as transformational coaching, you’ll be supported in having your intentions manifest. Whether you are seeking healing, support with sexual pain, numbness, or sensitivity, or looking to reach new levels of ecstatic energy and pleasure, you will find a safe space to explore here.

"Tantra is freeing energy and expanding consciousness to live an exceptional life"

-Justin Gottlieb


Tantric Awakening Experience for Women

Please call 908-208-4879 for pricing and availability

In this 2-3 hour session, you’ll get to experience Tantra first hand by activating your creative energy to awaken your mind, body, and spirit. Unleash your inner Goddess through foundational Tantric breathing, meditation and other exercises. By the end of the session you will feel loved, empowered, free, light, and connected to the divine feminine that is you.

Tantric Awakening Experience for Couples

Please call 908-208-4879 for pricing and availability

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a “Tantric Couple?” In this session you and your partner will learn about and practice present, connected love that will allow you to expand and get to new levels in your relationship. Combining Tantric exercises and coaching with conscious touch, and energy work, you will be guided through an experience that can create deep intimacy, re-ignite love, and fuel passion. After this three hour session, you will both walk away connected, excited, and filled with love. As a bonus, you will be sent home with instructions to create a Tantric Date, so you can continue to learn and explore Tantra together.

Conscious Coaching for
Men or Women

Please call 908-208-4879 for pricing and availability

With a foundation of Tantra, you will be guided to making decisions that serve you in your life, dropping from your head into your heart, opening up to love and pleasure, finding purpose and consciously leveraging your sexual energy to manifest an exceptional life. If you are looking to heal or let go of something or someone from your past, or simply get to the next level in your amazing life, this coaching program is for you.

Sessions are one hour by phone or video chat. In person sessions are also available in Miami.

Picture of Justin Gottlieb

Exceptional Lover Coaching

Please call 908-208-4879 for pricing and availability

Specifically designed for men, women or couples who are seeking love, a healthy sex life, dating life, or to become a better lover, you’ll experience ancient Tantra teachings in a modern and practical way. You’ll receive custom coaching and exercises to support you in attracting or maintaining a healthy relationship, passionate sex life, and expanding consciousness. At the end of our sessions you will be a confident lover with dozens of exercises and solutions for the most common blocks to an outstanding sex life. If you are looking to learn how to expand your sexual energy, be a present and magnificent lover, take your relationship to the next level, or simply learn new ways to please yourself or your current or future partner, this coaching program is for you.

Sessions are one hour by phone or video chat. In person sessions are also available in Miami.


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I have been deeply involved in the study of love, relationships and sexuality for well over a decade. I have attended various Tantra trainings, festivals and workshops to learn many different healing modalities which I bring to my clients. In 2017, I graduated Trainer Forum, a six month program designed to foster “stellar trainers, facilitators, and coaches of discovery-based, breakthrough-based, and/or leadership-based transformational work.” I graduated Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Psychology and Business in 2005.

My vision is for everyone to live free and exceptional lives, while experiencing the abundant love and pleasure available to them.

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