Although Tantra has been around for thousands of years, it is still relatively unknown and widely misunderstood. The one thing that makes Tantra so unique is that it accepts all within us. We no longer need to feel guilt or shame about ourselves. Instead, we can focus on that which always makes us happy – LOVE! That includes self-love, love for a romantic partner, love for family, and whatever and whoever else we choose to love.

Tantra is a broad term that has many subgroups under it. These sub-groups are ways of living and different tools that support us in mindfulness, healing, intimacy, pleasure, and ultimately being free of whatever has been holding us back in our lives. Tantra is made up of meditation, breathwork, yoga, energy work, conscious touch, and massage; so you may already be practicing some form of Tantra in your life. Congrats!

An important aspect of Tantra is sexuality and sexual energy. Although it is only a small portion of Tantra, of course, sex gets all the headlines so many equate Tantra with sex. This is not always the case, as you can practice Tantra without sex and you can practice Tantra alone.

But as mentioned, Tantra accepts all within us, so those that do want to explore Tantra to heal from past issues, create deeper intimacy (with oneself or a partner), or to expand on the orgasmic energy that may be hiding within, that is available too.

None of us were taught how to be intimate or to be a conscious, compassionate lover. We were never taught how to create a healthy and purposeful relationship with our sexual energy. If we were taught anything, it was that sexuality is wrong and should be forsaken. We often learn from pornography and the media negative and sometimes harmful portrayals of body image, love, and sex. Now is your chance to learn and create a new relationship with your sexual creative power, one that you choose consciously with thought and care.

If you want to learn more about Tantra and to see if what I offer is a good fit for you, please schedule a free phone consultation here. You deserve to be free and experience limitless pleasure in your life!