Why would you get a Tantric Massage?

You know there is more to intimacy, sexuality, and pleasure than you have been experiencing. You can sense a blockage and you don’t always know what caused it, but you want to feel free.

The blockage can show up as a lack of confidence, insecurity, or emotional apathy. Life feels less vivid than it should and pleasure feels empty or is heard to achieve. Maybe you feel held back by your partner or s€x is a distant memory.

Conversely, you might feel completely at peace and in a good place in all areas of your life, but you are intrigued by the mysticism, sacred rituals, and the expanded pleasure afforded those brave enough and trusting to step into this vulnerable Tantric experience. Maybe you simply want to harness your powerful creative energy and manifest the life of your dreams…

The most common result after a session is that you feel free, empowered, and loved. You have created a new relationship with your s€xual energy. You’ve defined new benchmarks for how you will be treated – how you will be spoken to, touched, cared for, and loved. Here is what a few of my clients have shared:

“I learned to relax my body and experienced pleasure as the pain melted away. Now, I’m able to reach 0rgasm with my partner, which I could only achieve on my own previously.”

“He gave me a safe place to confront things that stand before me, my self-image, my self-love, and my self-doubt. I was given the opportunity to meditate and access my creative energy in a way that I’ve never been able to before.”

“After the session, I had a huge energy release. I felt happy, confident, and calm. I was amazed that all of the tension was gone.”

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