A Man’s Pledge To A Woman

I honor you for honoring your body in whatever ways you choose

I will never push, manipulate, or seduce you past your boundaries

I will be your mirror and communicate your blindspots in a loving way

I will hold your heart and healing above my ego

I will honor your moon cycle and however you choose to bleed, ritualize, and go inward

I will ask, “How can I support you?” when I don’t know what to do

I will be vulnerable with you and communicate my feelings and emotions

I will be respectful, faithful, and loyal to you 

I will remember our innocence and bring joy to our lives

I will give you space when you request it

I will be the bank to your river when you want to know where to flow

Thank you to the divine feminine for all that you are. Know that we see you, but sometimes we don’t know what to do. Forgive us for forgetting, or never being taught. Thank you for nurturing us regardless. 

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